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I Already Have Solar Panels and I Need to Replace My Roof. Now What?

by Cody McGowan, on Sep 23, 2020 12:21:00 PM

Solar Panels Roof Replacement

Let Summit Solar’s Roofing Division Make the Process Easy for You.

If you’re a homeowner who already has solar panels, and you’d like to replace your roof, don’t fret — the procedure is easy. Summit Solar, your local solar energy company, has a roofing division that’s well-versed in roofing and solar panel detachment and reattachment. We know exactly how to help, and we’ll walk you through the process in this blog.

Detachment and Reattachment Process

To get started, please reach out to Summit Solar’s service team to schedule an appointment with us. We will then have our team come and adequately assess your roof’s condition. If your roof needs replacing, we will remove your solar panels and typically store them in a secure spot somewhere on-site.

Our highly experienced roofers will then install your new shingles. Then our solar panel installers will put your solar panels on your new roof for you. This involves connecting your panels to your utility grid again, in addition to your solar batteries (if you have them). The panels will operate the same way they did before your reshingle — it’s as simple as that.

Insurance and Pricing

If you’re wondering if your insurance company will cover solar panel removal and reinstallment, the answer is yes. They will cover the process as part of your reroof. If you need this as a noninsurance item, our roofing team would be happy to provide you a quote for your specific services. Pricing will vary depending on your location, the different roofing materials required, and some other factors.

It’s no big deal to have solar panels on your roof if you’re going to be redoing your roof. You can trust our team of experts to safely remove your solar panels, without any damage to them. The amount of time it will take to replace your roof will depend on your roof’s size, but the process will be painless.

Summit Solar has a combined 14 years of solar experience, and we provide homeowners with a premium solar experience. We believe going solar should be simple — so we streamline the process for our customers. Please contact us so we can assist you with your solar panel detachment and reattachment process, and any other questions you have. Our blog also has many answers to frequently asked solar questions. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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