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Will Solar Installation Void My Roof Warranty?

by Cody McGowan, on Jul 13, 2020 2:49:10 PM

Solar Installation, Rockford, IL

Learn the Truth about Solar Panels and Their Effect on Your Roof’s Warranty

You’ve made the right decision to install solar panels. Summit Solar conducts a complete solar assessment before installation to ensure you start saving money when you flip the switch on the new system. And the savings continue as long as you live in your home. But what about your roof warranty? It’s a common question that many Rockford, IL, homeowners ask. “Does solar installation cancel my roof warranty?”

We’ll cut to the chase. Generally speaking, the answer is, “No.” Hopefully, you’re relieved. A solar system installed by Summit Solar is perfectly safe for your roof. However, it’s important to know why and understand some of the possible issues that may affect your warranty. Read our blog for more details about solar panels and your roof warranty.

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Safe, Secure, and Sound Solar Panels

The team at Summit Solar are experts at solar panel installations. We know panels, and we know roofs. After all, we’ve made a career of it! But enough about us. What about your panels? The solar panels we install are high-performing, durable, and premium panels that stand the test of time, and they can weather just about any storm.

Speaking of durability, we had a storm come through the area one season that produced baseball-sized hail. Do you know what? Our customers did not have any damage to their panels. Instead of the panels causing a problem, they held up under the onslaught of hail and even protected the roof. You could say that having solar panels is a form of roof insurance!

Warranties and Guarantees Included!

When Summit Solar installs your solar panel system, we include a 10-year workmanship warranty as well as an additional 5-year penetration-specific guarantee. If you ever have a problem with your roof (specifically the areas where the system is attached), we’ll come out and fix it. We cover any problem areas where the solar system penetrated the roof.

In other words, if our system affects anything on your roof, we’ve got you covered. Let’s take this a step further. The coverage also includes any damage that occurs inside your home – insulation, drywall, etc. However, this is extremely rare. Summit Solar has a proven track record of successful solar panel installations for more than 15 years. We always do right by our people!

What about the Roof Warranty?

Under federal law, a roof company cannot void the warranty when solar panels are installed. Let’s say Summit Solar installs your system on the south side of your home’s roof, but then later, the northern side starts to leak. Because Summit Solar never touched that area, the roofing company cannot void the warranty. They would need to repair the problem.

Also, since Summit Solar repairs anything that is our fault or penetration-specific, it does not involve your roof’s warranty at all. We take care of the problem and restore everything to normal. It’s the same way a roof-installed satellite dish will not void your roof’s warranty. Any problem with that area is the direct responsibility of the person or company that installed it.

The final verdict? You’re safe with Summit Solar. When we install solar panels, your roof warranty remains intact, and we address any issue promptly and thoroughly if it occurs.

Find out more about installing solar panels on your home by contacting us here. We’re happy to answer any questions about our warranties, installation costs, and the potential energy savings you can enjoy.

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