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I Want To Go Solar, But I Also Need a New Roof. What Should I Do?

by Cody McGowan, on Aug 21, 2020 11:55:00 AM

New Roof Solar Panels

Don’t Let an Old Roof Prevent You from Getting Solar Panels. Here’s What to Do.

You’ve finally decided to install a solar panel system. Great! The decision will help you save money on your energy bills, earn Illinois tax credits, and protect the environment. The problem is . . . you need a new roof. Should you install a new solar power system over an old or damaged roof?

At the same time, you have another potential problem. How do you coordinate a roof replacement with your solar panel installer? Does your roofing contractor have the expertise to prep your new roof for the solar panels? So many questions! Fortunately, they are easy to answer and resolve. Read more to see what to do if you need roof replacement before solar panel installation.

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When a Roof Has Got to Go

Most shingle roofs last about 20 to 25 years – give or take – depending on several factors. If your roof’s shingles are cracked, damaged or buckling, then roof repair or replacement is needed. Drooping and sagging roofs are also sure signs that your old roof has got to go. And, of course, if you have roof leaks, then you need to take immediate action.

Unfortunately, some homeowners think their roof’s advanced age or poor condition makes them unlikely candidates for solar installation. That’s just not true. Highly skilled solar panel installers, like the ones at Summit Solar, can properly assess your roof’s condition. We then mitigate problems either through roof repair or replacement. After all, it’s essential to install a solar panel system on a sturdy surface.

Turnkey Solar Panel and Roof Installation

Some companies specialize in one thing: solar panel installation. That’s good, but not great. The reason is because that they are not able to perform roofing services correctly if they encounter problems. At Summit Solar, we are not only experts in the solar industry, but we also have a roofing division with highly experienced roofers. If you think you may need a new roof or roof repair, we are equipped to address the issue accurately while taking into account your upcoming solar panel system installation.

At the same time, if you don’t need a new roof, we won’t pressure you to get one. Instead, we perform the repairs necessary to ensure a strong surface for your solar power system. In the future, when it comes time for roof replacement, we can do that as well by removing the system, installing the new roof, and putting your panels back. It’s easier than you think!

Are you thinking about getting a solar panel system from Summit Solar, but you want a roof inspection first? Contact us to get started with an inspection and shading analysis. We look forward to hearing from you!

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