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Can I Power My Entire House with Solar Panels?

by Kelly Anderson, on Aug 4, 2020 11:44:34 AM

Solar System for Home Rockford, IL

How a Solar System for Your Home Really Works

Solar power usage has skyrocketed in recent years, with more homeowners than ever choosing to ‘go solar.’ From tax credits to net metering to using clean energy, there are numerous reasons to invest in solar panels for your home. But you may be wondering—is this enough to power my entire house? Can you ditch your reliance on your utility company?

The answer? It depends. Read on to see if your Rockford, IL solar panels for home will be able to power your entire property, and what happens when there isn’t a sunny sky.

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Does Your House Receive Enough Sunlight?

Before we start plans for an installation, we’ll first check to see if your home receives enough sunlight to qualify for money-saving incentives. Using satellite technology, we determine how many panels will fit on your rooftop and then look at your current energy consumption each month. Our shading analysis can predict 20-25 years ahead to determine if your house is a fit for solar.

Nighttime and Cloudy Day Energy

As your panels absorb energy during the day, that power travels through wires to an inverter and into your fuse box, connecting to your home’s power outlets. Solar energy will continue to flow into your fuse box as long as the panels capture energy. If there is no sun above, the utility meter is still connected to your fuse box.

The meter brings in energy from the grid, so if your panels are not real-time producing solar energy, that is how your house will be powered. What about all that unused energy created during the day? That power gets put back on the grid, and you’ll earn net metering credits for it.

Essentially, you cannot power your house with panels during the night and stormy days, but you’ll still offset your utility bills through net metering.

What About Batteries?

Solar batteries do let you store excess power during the day to use at nighttime. In theory, you could power your entire house all day long with batteries. However, battery storage systems are a significant upfront investment, and if your goal is to save through solar energy, they may not be a fit for your home.

Want to learn more about a solar installation for your home? Schedule a consultation with IL-based Summit Solar to learn more about a solar system for home. Contact us here to get started.

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