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How Do We Know When Solar Is Right for You?

by Kelly Anderson, on Jan 20, 2020 4:48:28 PM


What you need to know about solar panels for your house

Adding a solar panel system to your Chicago, IL property can seem like an easy way to save money and lower your monthly energy expenses. With SRECs, ITC, solar net-metering, and more, the right system could have significant benefits for your property. But solar isn't right for everyone, and we won't pressure you into installing solar panels for your house that won’t save you money. Does your home make the cut? How do we determine if solar is right for you? Find out below.

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Determining If Solar Is Right for You

Going solar is easy and, in many cases, an affordable way to give back to your community while lowering your monthly energy expenses. But it’s not right for everybody. Why? Because you can’t enjoy the full benefit of a solar panel system that doesn’t save you money. 

Low solar offsets won't do the trick. You won't benefit from many of the money-saving programs, and you'll still depend too much on the local electric company. All you'll have is a bunch of panels on your roof that don't do much.

To determine whether or not solar is right for you, we offer a robust shading analysis. During this process, we use specialized software to assess the position of your home, potential obstructions, and analyze how much sun your roof gets during the course of a year. When we're done, we're able to give you an accurate estimate of your potential offset & savings before you decide to move forward with the installation.

Additionally, we'll ask you some simple, non-invasive questions to help us understand your tax appetite. In some cases, homeowners aren't equipped to handle all the benefits and would, in effect, leave money on the table. By asking these questions early, we can help you figure out your best option for installing a system that enables you to save.

Work with a Local Professional

At Summit Solar, we’re not interested in selling you a solution that won’t save you money. If we can’t make it happen, we won’t pressure you into buying our system.

We pride ourselves on white-glove service and our in-depth knowledge of the industry. If you’d like to work with a local solar professional who can help you achieve your solar goals, click here or give us a call at 888-884-3557.

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