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The 3 S’s of Upgrading to Solar

by Kelly Anderson, on Dec 31, 2019 2:15:02 PM


From solar panel system cost and beyond, here’s a simple way to remember the benefits

At Summit, we believe that switching to solar should be easy. If we can't provide you with a system that will fit your needs, we won't pressure you into buying it. Through our advanced shading analysis, we can determine how much sun your roof gets and provide you with an accurate estimate as to how much you can save. We not only want to give you a great alternative energy option; we want to help offset the solar panel system cost so you can pay less on energy each month. How do you keep track of all the benefits? It’s simple: just remember the three S’s of switching to solar. 

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Save Money

One of the most significant benefits of switching to solar in the state of Illinois is the opportunity to save money. With state and local incentives, you may very well end up spending less on your monthly energy bill than you would if you stick with your current electric company.

How does that happen? Programs like net metering and ITC help offset the cost of your installation, while SRECs pay you back for the renewable energy you produce. The result is a long-term solution to lowering your bill and helping your community produce sustainable energy for years to come.

Sustainable Energy

Speaking of sustainability: another critical element of switching to solar means you'll enjoy sustainable energy from a renewable source. The sun shines every day (unless it's cloudy out) so why not let it power your home and help improve your local environment?  

Electricity is often produced by fossil fuels and other sources that deplete over time. That means eventually they’ll be gone forever -- and you’ll be left with a bunch of electronics that cost too much to operate. Sustainable sources like solar energy make it easy to keep your home and technology running for years. And it’s not just your home -- adding solar panels to your property can help alleviate much of the burden that the local energy grid faces, thereby improving your neighborhood as well.


The days of the ugly blue glass panels are over. At Summit, we use elegant and discreet black glass panels to help minimize the appearance of your system. When your neighbors look at your home, they won't see a garish system. They'll see sleek looking panels that help offset the high costs of energy in your property.

We design systems to fit your lifestyle and take you 100-percent solar. If you want to learn more about how you can benefit, click here or give us a call at 888-884-3557

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