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What Is Solar Net Metering?

by Kelly Anderson, on Dec 7, 2019 10:00:00 AM

Add residential solar panels to your home -- and receive credit for them!

If you’re considering adding residential solar panels to your Chicago, IL property, you may be hesitant based on the apparent cost. But thanks to state and federal incentives, a solar system may help you effectively lower your monthly energy bill. One of the most lucrative programs is net metering. What's that and how can you benefit? Find out below.

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What Is Net Metering?

Provided you’ve purchased a panel system from Summit, it will take you to 100 percent solar energy pretty quickly. In fact, it will likely exceed your daily energy usage, and you'll end up producing too much power. Plus, because the amount of sunlight your home receives will vary throughout the year, you'll need a way to help regulate the amount you're getting and storing.  

Net metering can help. It’s a way that the local Illinois government helps you manage your solar power. When your system produces energy, it can be stored on the local power grid. During the day, you’re most likely at work and not using much energy at home. Once you finish your day, you can use all the power you need. Net-metering helps regulate the time-of-use, so you won’t suddenly lose power in the middle of the night.

The other benefit of net metering is that it helps you manage the amount of power you use throughout the year. During the cloudier months, you may not receive as much direct sunlight. By storing it on the grid, you can trust that your system’s production will remain steady by averaging out throughout the year.

How You Benefit from Net Metering

Some homeowners may resist the idea of storing their power on the grid. After all, why should you help provide energy for the entire neighborhood? The answer is simple: you can get credit for it. 

Net metering is another in a line of local and state incentives that can help you effectively lower your monthly energy bill. You can potentially save tens of thousands of dollars on energy costs over the lifetime of your solar energy system.

Through the net metering program, homeowners are credited for the energy they produce, which helps alleviate much of the cost of the panel installation and lower the amount you spend on powering your home.

Work with Illinois’ Premium Solar Dealer

At Summit, we believe solar should make sense. That's why we won't pressure you into a system that won't take you 100 percent solar.

Our premium, white-glove service makes going solar more accessible than ever. You can trust us to walk you through every step of the process, from initial shading analysis to system design -- we even get the documents and permits signed for you.

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