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How Summit Solar Prevents Future Roof Damage & Water Leaks

by Ryan Davis, on Jan 25, 2019 11:22:21 AM

In this blog, we are going to share with you the 7 steps that our Summit Solar installers take to protect homeowners from future roof leaks and water damage. We are also going to give you the details of our warranties.

The below 7 steps ensure that Summit Solar seals all of their roof penetrations and protects their customers from future roof leaks and water damage. These steps are followed by all installers on the roof when making penetrations.

Step 1: Layout array and find rafter location based on the engineered drawing.

Step 2: Mark your penetrations by popping a chalk line across the shingles. This will ensure that your rail or panel skirt will be straight once it is attached to all of the bases.

Step 3: Center the flashing of the respective racking system over the rafter and drill a 3/16” pilot hole for the lag bolt(s).

Step 4: Loosen the shingles above your pilot hole enough to allow for the flashing to slide between the shingles.

Step 5: Using M1 roofing sealant, make a solid upside down U shaped line around the hole on the flashing and roof. This will seal the hole while the open U shape will allow for any water to escape from the bottom if the seal were to be broken.

Step 6: Place the flashing between the shingles while lining up the hole in the flashing with the pilot hole.

Step 7: Slide a lag bolt and sealing washer, provided by the respective racking kit, through either the L foot or base and tighten the lag bolt to the roof until the attachment is secure.

If any unnecessary holes are made from pilot holes or safety anchors, those holes should be filled with M1 sealant and have metal flashing placed between the affected shingle and the sheathing of the roof. The installer should be generous with the M1 sealant to ensure the penetration is watertight.

Each employee must sign this policy before handling any of the
above material, or making any penetrations on any roofs.

Warranty: All equipment in the solar system is warranted to perform in accordance with the manufacturer’s published specifications, provided the equipment is operated in accordance with the manufacturer’s operating instructions.

10-Year Limited Workmanship and Installation Warranty:
Summit Solar warrants that the system will be constructed and installed in a good workmanlike manner according to the standards of care and diligence generally practiced by solar engineering, construction, and installation companies when installing residential photovoltaic solar power systems of a similar size and type as the system in the geographic region where the homeowner is located, and pursuant to (i) good engineering design practices, (ii) manufacturer’s instructions, (iii) applicable law (including local codes and standards), (iv) required governmental approvals and permits, and (v) applicable requirements of the local utility. This 10-Year Limited Workmanship and Installation Warranty will extend for a period of ten (10) years from the date installation of the system is completed by Summit Solar.

5-Year Limited Roofing Penetration Warranty:
Summit Solar warrants the homeowner's roof against damage and water infiltration at each roofing penetration made by Summit Solar in connection with the installation of the system and the surrounding area of each such penetration (collectively, the “Covered Roof Areas”). Summit Solar will repair damage to homeowner's roof and repair or compensate the homeowner for actual physical damage to the homeowner's property resulting from any water infiltration in the event of failure or defects in the covered roof areas.