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Why Add Residential Solar Panels to Your Home?

by Kelly Anderson, on Apr 22, 2020 12:58:00 PM


Explore the possibilities of a sustainable energy system

It's a great time to take account of your monthly expenditures and explore ways to save. One of the best ways to save on your monthly energy bill is by switching to solar. You can also enjoy the benefits of a sustainable energy system that you own while reducing your reliance on the local power grid. There are plenty of great reasons to add residential solar panels to your Rockford, IL property. In this blog, we’ll highlight some of the best ones. Keep reading for more.

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  • Sustainable Energy

For homeowners throughout Illinois, finding sustainable and renewable energy sources is becoming more and more essential. Thanks to the high number of electronics in your home, your energy bill has likely skyrocketed. That's not just a matter of money; it's also a strain on your neighborhood.

If you operate on electric utilities, you’re connected to the local power grid. While that’s okay most of the time, you’re not always getting the highest-quality power. Known as “dirty” power, the energy you get during peak usage hours (when everyone in your neighborhood is using the most) can cause wear and tear on your electrical system and drive up the cost of your usage.

A solar system would put energy-generating panels on your roof, so you won’t have to rely on anyone else to supply your home with power.

  • Lower Monthly Bill 

Thanks to zero-down financing plus state and federal incentive programs, jumping into solar is easier than ever. And, for qualifying customers, it could lower your monthly energy expenses by replacing your energy bill.

When you buy a system, you don't have to pay it off all at once. You can offset the cost with monthly payments. SRECs and Illinois net-metering will pay you back for the energy your system generates, which will lower the initial cost. And the ITC offers a 26-percent tax credit to lower the price even further.

  • It Looks Good

Think solar systems are just blue-and-chrome monstrosities with a lot of loose conduit hanging about? Think again. Our solar solution is sleek, low-profile, and streamlined to hide any wiring. In most cases, you’ll barely even notice a difference on your roof.

Our black glass panels are one of the most enticing reasons to invest in a solar system. When your neighbors see it on your roof, they'll be sure to ask about it. Pretty soon, your whole neighborhood will be ready to go solar.

Want to work with a local professional who can simplify the process of going solar? Click here or give us a call at (888)-884-3557 today!

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