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Should I Go Solar?

by Kelly Anderson, on Mar 12, 2020 3:22:22 PM


How solar system payments can replace your monthly energy bill and other great benefits

When you work with a premium panel installation company like Summit Solar, you get to enjoy the benefits of a renewable source generating energy for your home. But for some homeowners, they don’t know what those benefits are. Do you find yourself asking, “Why should I go solar? If there’s one thing you need to know, it’s that going solar can often save you money on your monthly energy payments. Want to learn more? Keep reading.

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How Solar Payments Replace Your Energy Bill

Each month you pay money to your local electric company, just like you’d pay rent on an apartment. But when your apartment lease is up, you’re no closer to owning the space. The same is true with your energy bills.

When you upgrade to solar, however, you’re not just sinking money into recurring monthly payments that amount to nothing. You’re paying off your system. It’s like paying off your house—you can live there while you’re paying it off, but your monthly payments go toward future ownership rather than a landlord’s pocket.

So, once you purchase a solar panel system, your monthly energy bill is replaced by system payments.

Why Are System Payments Lower?

Replacing your bill is one thing. But how can you guarantee that your payments will be lower than what you’re paying now?

Simple: at Summit Solar, we'll run a full-scale shading analysis before you invest in our system and deliver accurate estimates of how much sun your home will receive throughout the year. We'll also determine how much you'll benefit from the local and federal incentive programs, and what your monthly payment would be.

Incentives like SREC, net-metering, and ITC help homeowners make the choice to go solar because they can significantly reduce the cost of a system.

In the end, a solar system will likely save you a lot of money throughout its lifetime.

Work with a Premium Solar Service

At Summit Solar, we specialize in custom solar installations that look good and save you money. If we can’t install a system that will save you money, we won’t pressure you into buying from us.

Our white-glove service helps make going solar easier than ever before. From initial discovery to acquiring permits, we take the pressure out of the situation.

If you want to work with a local professional who can help design a system that saves you money on your monthly energy payments, click here or give us a call at 888-884-3557.

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