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Build a Solar Panel System That Fits

by Ryan Davis, on Nov 25, 2019 4:37:56 PM

Enjoy a custom system that powers your home efficiently while satisfying your HOA


A solar panel system shouldn’t be one-size-fits-all. Depending on the unique nature of your Champaign, IL property, certain parts of your property may receive more light than others. Designing and installing the appropriate panels will help your home operate efficiently. But building an inefficient system could lead to problems with your power and issues with your HOA. Here, we’ll discuss what you need to know to ensure a custom solar system that fits your lifestyle and your home.  

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Is Solar Right for You?

The first question we ask is simple: is solar right for you? Our experts can determine through advanced shading analysis metrics whether your home gets enough sunlight for you to operate on 100-percent solar energy. Factors like the house orientation, roof condition, and the number of trees in your yard could have a significant impact on how much sun your home receives.

We can also determine the areas that receive the most sunlight, which helps us design an efficient solar panel arrangement. If panels won’t help you reach your solar goals, we’re not interested in including them.

Designing a Solar Panel System

The two most important factors of any solar panel system are efficiency and aesthetics. The first is essential because it can affect your eligibility for the various incentives available from Illinois and the federal government. The second will help avoid problems with your neighbors. 

Our solar designs are customized for each home based on our comprehensive shading analysis. We’ll determine where the panels will work most effectively. For instance, if you receive the most sunlight on the southeastern section of your home, your panels will reflect that. 

We'll provide you with an easy-to-understand design proposal, based on our comprehensive shading analysis. You'll be able to see exactly how the panels will look on your house, thanks to our rendering tool, so there won't be any surprises. 

Once the panels are on your home, you can count on a clean, streamlined look that won’t draw attention to itself. Rather than the old-fashioned blue-glass-and-chrome panels that are commonly associated with solar energy, we use black glass panels that blend in with their surroundings more naturally. Plus, we effectively hide conduit and other components, so you won’t see a lot of clutter on your roof. 

Work with a Premium Solar Installer

What makes Summit Solar a premium installer? We help determine the solar panel solutions that are right for you, not our bottom line. 

If you don't qualify for solar, we won’t try to sell you a system. It’s a no-pressure situation.

And we offer full service, from initial discovery, through installation, to assistance with permits and other local forms. We’ll show you an accurate estimate of how much you’ll save by investing in solar. 

Ready to get started? Click here or give us a call at 864-250-0026.