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Increase Your Curb Appeal with Black-on-Black Solar Panels

by Cody McGowan, on Jun 15, 2020 8:59:00 AM

Solar Panels for Home Champaign, IL

Discover Attractive Solar Panels for Home

There are numerous benefits to going solar: saving on utility bills, earning tax credits for putting energy on the grid, and helping the planet reduce its reliance on fossil fuels. However, there’s one drawback that makes many homeowners hesitate to install: large reflective blue panels on their rooftop.

Some solar panels for homes are flashy and garish, contrasting against all shingles and tiles. Luckily, Summit Solar in Champaign, IL, uses sleek and modern black glass panels, installed flush and flat against your roof. How is this possible? We explain below.

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Black Panels, Not Blue

Many solar panel arrays that you’ll see on houses around town have reflective blue-tinted planes with bright conduit piping across and down the side of the house. The blue panels are made of silicon, which are blue because of an anti-reflective coating that improves absorption. Summit Solar’s black-on-black panels are made of monocrystalline, and its black pigmentation takes in more light. Our premium black panels blend into almost any rooftop. Because of the material, it may cost a bit more than your standard panels. But the payoff for an attractive solar system on your roof is priceless.

Our Approach to Conduit Pipes

Solar conduits hold the electrical wires that will run from your panels to the energy system. The piping is often fitted on the house’s exterior, cluttered and obvious for all to see. But Summit Solar installs conduit under the roof for a more elegant and discreet appearance. We use a skirt trim to seal the gap between panel and roof so that it looks tidy and flat. If you’re looking for an attractive solar solution, you can’t do better than the combination of black panels with hidden conduits.

A Premium Solar Experience

Getting started with solar energy can be intimidating and hard to understand. But if you’re in the Champaign, IL, region, we can answer any of your questions. To see if your house qualifies to go 100 percent solar, we’ll perform a satellite view shading analysis and compare it to the energy you consume. From there, we can predict if your system will produce enough power for your needs and to qualify for state and federal credits.

To contact Summit Solar, call us at 888-884-3557 or submit your information here to get a quote from us! We look forward to speaking with you soon.

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