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4 Ways to Save More Energy at Home

by Cody McGowan, on May 22, 2020 9:00:00 AM

Solar Company Chicago, IL

Tips from a Solar Company to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint & Save Money

While we’re staying home more than ever during quarantine, you may have noticed an increase in your utility bills. Even when sheltering in place ends in the future, we could all use new ways to reduce our energy consumption to help the planet and our wallets.

As a solar company based in Chicago, IL, we know a thing or two about clean energy and reducing our reliance on the grid. Discover our energy-saving tips below to help your household use less electricity.

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1. Switch to LED Bulbs
When compared to incandescent and fluorescent light bulbs, LEDs are up to 90% more energy efficient. Their lifespan can last up to 60,000 hours. An incandescent bulb can only expect to burn for 1,500 hours! LEDs don’t give off heat like other lightbulbs do and require less power to illuminate. They also brighten instantly with less frequent cycling (the progression from dim to bright), so the bulb lasts longer. LEDs can easily integrate into smart home systems, so you can schedule lights to turn off automatically, saving energy.

2. Only Power Electronics When in Use
It’s been estimated that 75% of the energy we use to power our electronics is used when devices are not in use, costing up to $200 a year. Do you leave your laptop or phone plugged overnight? Smart power strips can help you quickly manage what’s being powered at a given time. Not only are you reducing your carbon footprint, but you also eliminate unnecessary costs.

3. Go Solar
Installing solar panels on your roof may seem like a drastic move. But if you’re in the Chicago area, Summit Solar’s white-glove service handles all permitting paperwork with the town hall for you. Federal tax credits and the Illinois SREC will lower the cost of your installation if you choose to own your system. Plus, you’ll receive credits for any energy you put onto the grid. Furthermore, home battery storage can take you ‘off the grid’ and support your home while power is out.

4. Seal Cracks and Improve Insulation
We can waste a lot of energy heating and cooling our homes if there’s a draft. By sealing cracks, gaps, and leaks around windows, doors, and ceilings, you can save 10% more energy every year. In the summer, you won’t have to blast the AC quite as high. And bitter Illinois winters will stay cozy without the cold seeping in, so you won’t have to tinker with the thermostat all day.

We hope these tips can come in handy to help your household save energy. If you’re interested in a premium solar panel installation, contact Summit Solar today at 888-884-3557.

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