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3 Common Myths About Solar Energy (and What Not to Believe)

by Kelly Anderson, on Dec 14, 2019 12:00:00 PM

Don’t buy into the naysaying when it comes to solar power panels

We get it: adding solar power panels to your Peoria, IL home might seem like a daunting investment. Not only do you have to consider the monetary investment, but you must also sift through the layers of misinformation to get the system you want. But at Summit Solar, we believe enjoying the benefits of a solar system should be easy and just make sense. In this blog, we’ll expose some common myths about solar energy. The truth may surprise you!

 Peoria Illinois Solar Panel Install

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Myth #1: Solar Panels Are Expensive

Like most myths, this one comes with a grain of truth. Adding solar panels to your home does come with a hefty price tag. Systems can easily reach into the tens of thousands of dollars -- and it can quickly seem like it's not worthwhile to deal with such a substantial out-of-pocket expense. But that's only half the picture -- in fact, a solar panel system will likely save you money in the long run.

The Truth

Though the cost of installation may seem high at first, a group of local and federal incentives make investing in them easy and affordable for many homeowners. SRECs, net-metering, and ITC could all potentially offset the cost of the installation significantly. And in most systems that produce 100-percent solar power, your monthly bill comes out lower than what you’d pay to the electric company.

Myth #2: Solar Panels Raise Property Tax

Solar panels will increase your property value. That’s because of the potential for future energy savings. But you may be concerned that increasing your property value will also raise your property tax. However, that’s not the case. 

The Truth 

Article 10, Division 1 of the Illinois Tax Code, says that homeowners can claim the valuation of their household before the addition of solar panels to the property. That means, despite an increase in your home's value, you won't be taxed for it.

Myth #3: Your HOA Won’t Allow Solar Panels Because They’re Ugly

Many homeowners believe that a solar panel installation will add big, ugly blue and chrome mirrors to their roof. Not only will the panels detract from the aesthetic value of your property, but they’ll also run into issues with your homeowner’s association.  

The Truth

This one’s a two-parter: first, your HOA legally cannot block you from adding solar panels to your home. According to Illinois’ Solar Rights Act, the benefits of adding solar to your property outweigh any discrepancies the HOA might have with them -- no matter what they look like.

Secondly, the days of big, ugly panels are over. At Summit, we only use high-quality black glass panels for your system. They’re more discreet but just as effective at capturing sunlight and helping you go 100-percent solar.

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