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$0 Down Doesn’t Mean High Monthly Payments

by Cody McGowan, on Oct 2, 2020 12:40:00 PM

Zero Down Solar

Does the Government Really Want to Help You to Go Solar?

You may qualify for $0 down for solar at Summit Solar. The government of the state of Illinois is on your side when it comes to going solar. Not only do solar power systems help the country become more energy independent, but the solar industry is also a jobs creator.

Going solar is also better for the environment—being conscious of our effect on the environment is a subject that continues to gain popularity in our country.

The 2011 Homeowners’ Solar Right Act was how the state of Illinois was able to provide homeowners incentives to go forward with installing a solar power system to help power their homes. Not only can you get a tax credit of 26% on top of paying $0 down for your system, but you can also get an SREC credit which can be in the thousands of dollars.

At Summit Solar, our team of experts can get you from point A to point Z when it comes to installing your solar power system while ensuring that you don’t have to pay any money down to get your solar panels installed and that you get your SREC credits.

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Tax Credit for Going Solar

Going solar is a win/win for you and the great state of Illinois. Currently there is 26% tax credit when going solar. This allows you to deduct 26% from the entire cost of installing a solar power system for your home. This saves our customers thousands of dollars and is a huge incentive for going solar now.

Not only could you qualify for $0 down, but you could continue to reap the financial benefits by going solar through net metering.

Use a Home Battery to Store Energy During Cloudy Days

In the state of Illinois, there are some cloudy days that come and go throughout the year.

When the sun is not reaching your solar panels, it affects the amount of energy that can be transmitted to your home. With net metering you can make sure you are prepared for those cloudy days that are sure to come.

Excess power is produced by your solar power system, so with the right home battery, this excess power can be stored. Once it is stored it can be tapped into when the sun is not reaching your solar panels.

With the right sized system, you could store enough energy to power your home for an entire year.

Let’s Get You Saving With Solar Now

Connect with us today to see if you qualify for $0 down. Find out how we can help you save money by going solar.

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