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Top 5 Questions We Get Asked About Solar

by Ryan Davis, on Aug 16, 2017 12:43:39 PM


Solar is very new and sometimes people don't know what questions to ask, so we put these top 5 questions together for you!

1. Equipment Warranty? All of our panels come with a 25-year manufacturer's warranty and a production guarantee.

2. Maintenence? Unlike the utility grid, there is little to no maintenance with solar because there are no moving parts. Our panels are built to withhold 45mph of hail damage and up to 200+ mph wind.

3. How do the Tax Credits Work? In South Carolina, the state tax credit is equal to 25% of the total cost of your system -- on top of that a separate 30% federal tax credit. With those huge tax credits, you'll actually make money the first year. (Keep in mind, we are solar guys, not tax guys. We do not give tax advice.) 

4. Is there any out of pocket charge? With Summit, you save the out of pocket charge because of our unique Summit advantage products! 

5. Is There Going to be Much Change? Nothing really changes. You will simply use your power as you always have. Now it's just coming directly from your roof into your home. Just a little cheaper now!

Check out this video,  Goldman Sachs' Video on Solar

If you have more questions about solar, feel free to reach out to us at 864.250.0026