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South Carolina Solar Incentives

by Ryan Davis, on Oct 27, 2016 1:33:01 PM

The Tax Incetives:

In South Carolina, there are two incentives homeowners are taking advantage of before they disapear.

This will help you understand why so many people are switching to solar as their main source of power. Switching to solar not only replaces your expensive electric bill with a bill that makes more sense, it potenially eliminates your carbon footprint.

There are 2 main incentives in South Carolina that make switching to solar a no brainer.

How this adds up: 
The 2 incentives add up to cover up to 55% of the total cost to switch to solar making the desicion to switch more apealing to the main stream consumer.  
In detail these incentives include:

1. 30% of the total cost of your system will be covered by the federal government.

2. 25% of the total cost will be covered by the state.

The Time is Now:

The time to make the switch to solar in South Carolina is in 2017. Most solar companies will be giving homes free evaluations and energy assesments to qualify the home for solar. 

Summit Solar offers a special bill replacement program! What this means is that we take your current electic bill and replace it with a bill that makes more sense. All for no out of pocket cost! 

Click the link below to see if you would qualify!


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