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New 2018 Chicago Solar Programs

by Ryan Davis, on Jun 20, 2018 2:58:22 PM



AT LAST! Affordable solar in Chicago!

Discover the new Chicago solar programs that will help you go solar, pay $0 down, and collect cash from the state for producing power… annually.

There are 3 main programs that make installing solar in Chicago affordable this year.

Let’s start with the biggest one.

Program #1:

Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SREC) are here to PAY YOU TO GO SOLAR. With this incentive, every 1,000 kWh you produce the state will pay you ($x) for that energy you produce because of a new mandate that requires Illinois to have 25% of their power come from renewable by 2025. This money will be paid to you annually based on what your system will produce. You will get your first check within 60 days of your Chicago solar panels being switched on and then annually after that. Some homeowners receive up to $15,000 for their SRECs over 15 years! Second income is a big incentive… right?

Program #2:

Net metering. This is the agreement between you and your utility that allows you to sell power back to your utility that your system produces but you don’t use.

Program #3:

30% Federal Tax Credit. Right now, the Federal Government has agreed to pay 30% of your entire solar project using tax credits.



Although over 1 million homeowners have decided to switch to solar, it's fairly new in Chicago. So let's answer some basic questions you have about solar.

Q: Will 100% of my power be covered by solar?

A: Most of the time, yes! It can also do over 100%!

Q: Do I have to make a big upfront investment?

A: No. We offer flexible plans starting with $0 down!

Q: Is going solar complicated?

A: Nope! We take care of every step of the process. We will design the system for you. Take care of all your permitting. And Install the system for you!

Q: What happens if the power goes out?

A: Your system is connected to the grid and is not a backup power source. But we have battery options that will store your solar energy!

Q: Who is Summit Solar?

A: Summit is a Premium Solar Installer. We have over 100 5-star reviews because of our Premium Solar Experience. Our job it to search for incentives that drive down your cost to go solar and provide $0 down options using our special programs! With Summit, you can sit back, relax and feel like you made a simple decision so switch to solar!