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Is the Push to Go Solar A Scam? 2 Reasons It’s Not

by Cody McGowan, on Oct 7, 2020 6:50:00 AM

Is Solar a Scam?

You May Have Heard Someone You Know, or Even a Friend Say, That the Push To Go Solar ls a Scam

You may have heard people ask or say things like, “Why would the government want to help you go solar?” or “Going solar doesn’t really save you money.” Behind this type of talk are people who are not educated about the real benefits of going solar.

As a society, we are all trying to take steps to reduce our carbon footprint. Being environmentally conscious are the earmarks of any responsible homeowner.

Also, who doesn’t like to save money? Since you are getting the majority of your energy directly from the sun, your electric bill will be lower. Energy can also be stored from solar panels for later use, making going solar a great investment.

By consulting the professionals at Summit Solar, you are sure to make a positive environmental impact as well as save money by deciding to go solar.

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Going Solar Adds Value to Your Home

Experts from all over agree that installing solar panels on your roof increases the value of your home. A study analyzed data from solar installations between 2003 and 2010 and showed that homeowners could get close to recouping the entire amount spent on their solar power system when they sold their house.

Studies also show that houses equipped with a solar power system sold far quicker than houses that didn’t have one.

You can also greatly reduce your electric bill by going solar. On cloudy days you can make use of stored energy with net metering.

The SREC Program and Solar Tax Cut Saves You Money

The state of Illinois wants you to go solar since it is better for the environment and helps the country become energy independent. That is why there are so many great incentives for going solar in Illinois.

You can deduct a percentage of the cost of your installation on your taxes in Illinois. The SREC program is also a way to improve the financial return of installing solar panels. You will get 1 SREC for every megawatt hour your solar system produces.

So unless you don’t like saving money or caring for the environment, then going solar is far more than just not a scam—it offers numerous benefits to you and to your community as well.

Let’s Get You Moving Toward a Solar Power System Now

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