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Can I Get Free Solar Panels on My Roof?

by Kelly Anderson, on Apr 3, 2020 4:55:21 PM


The answer may surprise you

Going solar helps you save, right? And aren’t state and local governments excited for their citizens to make the switch? With that in mind, you may have heard rumors of free solar panels available for your Champaign, IL installation. There are plenty of ways for homeowners to save, but can you actually get a free system? In this blog, we’ll help clear up the confusion. If you want to solve the mystery of free panels for your home, keep reading.

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Free Solar Panels: Fact or Fiction?

Installing solar panels on your roof offers big benefits. Not just to homeowners, who can reduce the cost of their monthly energy bill and enjoy a power source that they own. But it also benefits the local government and utilities, since you can reduce your reliance on the local grid while still operating at full power. In fact, you may even produce more power than you need, and the state will pay you back for the additional kilowatts.

So, you might think it just makes sense: promotions for free solar panels. But the truth is that there’s no such thing as a free panel.

In many cases, what companies call “free” really means “no money down.” And while you may not pay upfront, you’ll still have to pay for it.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t save. Thanks to state and federal programs like ITC, SRECs, and Illinois net-metering, you can reduce the cost of your installation considerably. And you don’t have to go in blind -- at Summit Solar, we offer comprehensive shading analysis. That means you’ll know how much sun your home receives throughout the year and an accurate estimate of your monthly savings if you purchase a system.

Solar panels might not be free, but their value helps them pay for themselves.

Work With a Local Professional

At Summit Solar, we want to help make your solar dreams a reality. We can help power your home with our sleek-looking, low-profile black panels. They won’t distract from the look of your home’s exterior. They will provide 100-percent sustainable energy for your entire property.

What happens if we can’t take you 100-percent solar? Then we won’t pressure you into buying a system. We want to provide easy-to-understand, comprehensive solutions that help you switch to solar. That means you’ll have all the information you need before making the decision to invest.

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