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2 Frequently Asked Questions About Home Solar Power

by Cody McGowan, on Oct 12, 2020 3:45:00 PM

Solar FAQs

Going Solar Can Seem Overwhelming, But Have No Fear, Summit Solar is Here

Many homeowners want to reduce their negative impact on the environment while at the same time saving money. Going solar is a win-win situation with endless benefits, but understanding a solar power setup and how it is installed is critical to any homeowner considering going solar.

Working with a team of experts will ensure that you understand the process of solar installation and how it will benefit you. With the right company, you can rest assured that you will have a team who will help maintain your solar setup after it has been installed.

Here are a couple of frequently asked questions about home solar power that we answer for all our customers in Chicago, IL.

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1. Does Going Solar Save Me Money?

Many homeowners are unsure how a solar power system works and how it actually saves them money. In short, the answer is yes, going solar does save you money.

Solar panels are installed on the roof of your home, and electricity is produced by them. This offsets your needs to use electricity via your utility company. Utility companies track how much of your electricity is produced by your solar panels and your utility bill is adjusted accordingly.

Over the years you can save a large amount of money that can add up to more than the cost of your solar power system installation itself. This makes installing solar panels a true investment that pays dividends—just remember that this will take years, so you need to make sure you’re going to be in your home for a while to get a return on your investment.

2. Is it a Good Idea to Have a Home Battery?

A common question about going solar is whether or not to have a home battery. Let’s say there is a blackout and you want to make sure you have power to see you through. A home battery is the perfect solution to this problem, allowing you to use your solar power system to fill it over time while avoiding loud generators.

Working with a team of seasoned professionals can help you make decisions like whether you want to buy a home battery or not. And remember, if we can’t save you money installing a solar power system, then you won’t feel any pressure to buy one.

Let Us Help Answer Any More Questions You May Have About Solar Power for Your Home.

Get in contact with us now, and let’s talk about getting the best solar power system installed at your home now.

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