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Stop renting your power! Own your system for less money per month with $0 down
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Lock in low energy prices for the next 25 years with Summit's lease or PPA plans
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The 4-Steps To Going Solar.

Designed to streamline your solar process. With this 4-step system, you sit back, relax and enjoy the switch to clean & more affordable energy.


Project Status
We can tell you how much you can save by going solar after looking at your energy needs. We will also answer any questions you have about going solar.


Project Status

We will stop back by again for a second visit to check out your roof and gather details to create a system designed to save you money.


Project Status
We will handle every step of the backend process in regards to engineering, permitting, and inspections.


Project Status
We will install your system in 4-8 hours then show you how to turn your system on and monitor it!
I had no idea that I would be going solar this soon in my life, I have always wondered and have thought about solar in times past. People don't like change, let's admit it, however, this change is a positive one and quite honestly I recommend Summit Solar to anyone looking to not only help your bill in the long run and save money but to help the environment as well.

Kai Wolschke
Liberty, South Carolina

I have been interested in a solar upgrade to my home for a few years now. My wife and I had plenty of time to learn much about the technology, panels, inverters, batteries. I had a few companies provide me the fine details. We chose Summit because of Steve Williams experience, attention to detail, superior knowledge, and goal alignment with what we wanted to achieve. No pushy rushed decisions.

Don Rubenstein
Greenville, South Carolina

“Besides the savings to us, we can see that we chose a very caring company. They do not just sign you and forget about you. They are there for you whenever you need them. We just had a surprise visit today, just to see how things were going. Who does that? Summit did.”

Sue Billhardt
Simpsonville, South Carolina

“Summit created a solution that would allow us to eliminate a great portion of our cost to purchase the system, along with easy financing options, making the decision to go solar a no-brainer. From the time of application through the installation, Summit and their team made it an extremely easy and fast process.”

Craig Meier
Traveler's Rest, South Carolina

“There is $0 up front cost and tax incentives for making the switch. My panels were installed way before I expected, within a month of reaching out to them. The installation was completed within a few hours and the panels look terrific, being all black with no wires showing.”

Renee Libbrecht
Greenville, South Carolina

“I particularly like that Summit takes a kind of "holistic" approach to energy saving. In order to calculate the panels needed, they look at ways to save energy first and include that into the quote. Their end product is also more aesthetically pleasing since all one can see on the roof are the panels - no exposed lines etc. This might be minor, but I really like that.”

Ingrid Effert
Traveler's Rest, South Carolina