New Hampshire Lawmakers Double Down on Solar Power to Avoid Job Loss

Hoping to avoid layoffs in the growing solar energy sector, lawmakers have decided to double the size of a program designed to encourage solar power installations.

The program, known as net metering, rewards owners of solar panels by allowing them to sell surplus electricity back into the grid and get credit on their electric bills, which offsets the cost of the panels.

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Caps raised, New Hampshire turns attention to imminent struggle over solar value

Net energy metered distributed solar was fading in New Hampshire as developers neared the state policy’s cap. But in March, legislators came together and passed a new law doubling the limit.

Problem solved? Not quite.

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New Hampshire's Renewable Portfolio Standard

New Hampshire’s renewable portfolio standard (RPS), established in May 2007, requires the state’s electricity providers -- with the exception of municipal utilities -- to acquire by 2025 renewable energy certificates (RECs) equivalent to 24.8% of retail electricity sold to end-use customers. The RPS includes four distinct standards for different types of energy resources; these are classified as Class I, Class II, Class III, and Class IV.

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