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The Steps to Go Solar: Part 2

by Kelly Anderson, on Mar 2, 2020 1:21:47 PM


Your house is qualified for solar panels. Now what?

If you’re planning to add the best solar panels to your Chicago area home, you are most likely wondering what the installation process requires and how long it will take. In our last article, we discussed the first three steps to determine if your rooftop and electrical system are suited and ready for a solar installation. Today, we’ll share the next steps you can expect in going solar. Keep reading below!

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Step Four: CAD Drawing

Before we install our signature black glass panels, our team performs a CAD (Computer-Aided Design) drawing of your rooftop and future solar power system. Our CAD software will make a digital model of your house’s exact dimensions to measure where the panels will go and how they will connect to the electrical system. The technology is fast, and we won’t have to bother you by coming by the house again. This way, we’ll know precisely how to fit the panels and hidden conduits so that everything looks its best and is installed without error.

Step Five: Obtain Permits

We can’t install solar panels and start fidgeting with your power system without obtaining the right permits from your township and utility company. It can take up to ninety days between our first consultation with you and the eventual installation day. Luckily, as part of our premium service, you won’t have to worry about anything. We handle the paperwork with city hall and the utility company for you. So, you can continue with your days as usual while we prepare for installation.

Step Six: Installation Day

Once the right paperwork is signed, approved, and processed, we’ll set a date for your panel installation. Members of our team will arrive early, between 7 and 9 a.m. We’ll spend the entire day building your system, striving to accomplish the job as quickly as possible. At Summit Solar, we perform background checks on all of our staff, and they will arrive in full uniform with protection on their boots, so you don’t have to worry about a muddy mess after we leave. Our team is professional, dependable and will get the job done efficiently and swiftly. Occasionally a second day of installation is warranted, but no longer than that.

Now your panels are on the roof, and you’re almost ready to start saving through solar power! There are still a few remaining steps to the process, however, which we will cover in part three.

Are you ready for the best solar panels on your Chicago property? Contact Summit Solar to get started.

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