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The Cost of Not Going Solar

by Ryan Davis, on Aug 16, 2017 11:45:27 AM


You read that title and now you're probably scratching your head thinking, "What could they mean?"

Here are 4 things you're missing out on when you don't go solar.

1. Reduced exposure to rising electricity rates: The core value proposition solar has to offer is it reduces your dependence on your utility company. According to data from U.S. Energy Information Administration, average residential retail electricity prices have increased every single year since 2002. We have estimated that customers save an average of $30,000 over the lifetime of their system.

2. Adding value to your home: The benefits don't stop at saving from your utility. It's common sense that a house with money saving abilities is worth more. The average system in the United States increases the value of your home by 15%!

3. Reducing your income taxes: Currently, there is a 30% federal income tax credit and a 25% state income tax credit for residents that go solar. This will decrease through 2021. Just like any federal tax credit, you never know how long it will be around. (Important for you to know: This is a dollar for dollar cash value, not a write-off.)

4. Supporting jobs in your community: The solar industry is creating jobs 12 times faster than the rest of the U.S. economy. Solar is an opportunity to support your local community with jobs that can't be outsourced. 


So, after you look at your savings of owning your power, adding value to your home, reducing your income taxes, and supporting jobs in your community going solar is a no brainer!