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Solar Panel Maintenance

by Ryan Davis, on Feb 8, 2019 10:26:48 AM

We get a lot of questions around the maintenance of installed solar panels. Solar systems are very durable and require little to no maintenance over the lifetime of the system which can be 25 years or more. If something does go wrong, Summit Solar & our panel manufacturers have warranties that would cover replacement and repair costs.

Summit Solar Warranties
All equipment in the solar system is warranted to perform in accordance with the manufacturer’s published specifications, provided the equipment is operated in accordance with the manufacturer’s operating instructions.

10-Year Limited Workmanship and Installation Warranty:
Summit Solar warrants that the system will be constructed and installed in a good workmanlike manner according to the standards of care and diligence generally practiced by solar engineering, construction, and installation companies when installing residential photovoltaic solar power systems of a similar size and type as the system in the geographic region where the homeowner is located, and pursuant to (i) good engineering design practices, (ii) manufacturer’s instructions, (iii) applicable law (including local codes and standards), (iv) required governmental approvals and permits, and (v) applicable requirements of the local utility. This 10-Year Limited Workmanship and Installation Warranty will extend for a period of ten (10) years from the date installation of the system is completed by Summit Solar.

How to maintain your solar panels
Solar panels are made of tempered glass and are built to take on hail and other extreme weather. The possibility of problems occurring is very slim due to the systems not having any moving parts.

Our customer's panel performance is monitored by our team at our headquarters. Homeowners are also given an app to monitor their system.

Solar panels generally don’t need to be cleaned. If you live in an area where there is more dust, dirt, or smog, you may see a decrease in your production over time that can be solved by cleaning your panels.