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Our FAQs: Solar Power Panels for Home

by Kelly Anderson, on Feb 4, 2020 11:14:13 AM


We Answer Our Most Common Solar Energy Questions

Most folks have plenty of questions when it comes to solar panels. After all, they’re not something you can buy at the store and place on the roof the same afternoon. To derive power from your panels, you’ll first have to establish that your Champaign, IL area home is a good fit for solar. Next, you’ll see how much you can save each year through tax credits.

To learn more about solar power panels for home, we answer your burning questions below!

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How Do I Get Panels Installed?

When you first call Summit Solar, we’ll have a look at your home’s rooftop through satellite imagery to determine how many hours of sunlight your house receives per day. If it looks like there are too many shadows over your house to go 100% solar, we’ll let you know that your property isn’t a fit.

If your roof does look promising, we’ll design a custom system that ensures you can power all of your home with solar. We’ll provide a free savings and power estimate, so you’ll know how much tax incentives will earn you. From there, we install beautiful black glass panels with hidden conduits to reduce rooftop clutter and maintain your home’s appearance. Thanks to our in-house team, we’ll take the necessary time to ensure your installation is flawless and complete paperwork for you.

How Much of a Tax Credit Can I Get?

The federal government’s Investment Tax Credit is an incentive to help make going solar easier for homeowners and business owners. Currently, you can deduct 26% of installation costs with no cap on potential value. The tax incentive won’t last forever, and you’ll want to invest now before the offer reduces to 22% in 2021 and 10% in 2022. To qualify, homeowners must own their solar power system and have sufficient tax liability.

How Much Money Will I Save Per Year?

In addition to the tax credit, if you’re located in Illinois, you’ll be qualified for the SREC (Solar Renewable Energy Certificate). SRECs are credits earned for every 1000 kilowatt-hours of solar energy that you produce. You’ll sell those credits back to the government and use the money to help reduce the cost of your installation. The amount you’ll earn from the SREC depends on how much your rooftop produces, and we can let you know an estimate beforehand.

Are you ready to bring solar power to your Illinois home? Contact Summit Solar for a free consultation to get started.

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