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You Asked "How to Lower My Electric Bill"? We Have Answers.

by Ryan Davis, on Nov 29, 2016 4:35:30 PM

Hold On To Your Seat (Your Money Saving Seat):

 Being an energy saving expert I've succesfuly learned how to lower my electric bill without paying a bunch of money out of my pocket.

I don't know where you live but in South Carolina the weather can get rediculously hot. Summer 16 came with record breaking heat in the south. Our electric bills suffered because of it.

Don't worry. We're giving you the weapons to fight the agony you see on your electric bill every month without sacrificing your AC. 

5 Easy Tips to Stay Cool and Save Money:

1. Wash Your Laundry In Cold Water (when nececary)

  • Washing your clothes in cold water instead of hot water can save you $152 a year.

2. Seal Up Your House

  • Don't let your hard earned money leak through the cracks of your house, simply buy some caulk and seal those cracks. This alone can save you %15-%30 anualy.

3. Use the Power of a Slow Cooker

  • Ovens heat up the house and makes the air conditioner fight harder to keep the house cool. A slow cooker doesn't turn your house into an oven which gives your AC a break.

4. Line Dry Laundry

  • Give your electric sucking dryer a breaking and hang your clothes.

5. Unplug Electronics

  • Most people don't know that even when your charging cable isn't charging your phone, it's still pulling unused electricity from the socket and wasting your money. Keep an eye out around the house of your electronics plugged in. You can even save up to $75 a year just by switching your computer to standby mode when not in use.

Apply These Tips:

These are quick tips to help you save money. Homeowners are considering getting rid of thier electricy bill altogether and switching to solar for ZERO money down. Blast the AC all you want and leave all your TV and lights on for they hurt no one when you are running off the suns clean free energy. Maybe you have questions you need answered about going solar? We've got you covered. So does the state and federal govenrment because they're mandated to help pay for it. Solar has never been so smooth.

Do you qualify for zero down solar?

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