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Are You Afraid of an Ugly Solar Panel Roof?

by Cody McGowan, on May 27, 2020 4:56:00 PM

Solar Panel Roof Peoria, IL

Discover Our Attractive Black Solar Panels & the Truth About Solar Shingles

Many people like the idea of ‘going solar’ to save on energy bills and help the planet—until they think about the appearance on their roof. Homeowners rightfully take pride in the upkeep and exterior of their house. Many people worry: will solar panels make my roof look like an eyesore?

Luckily, new black glass panels offered by Summit Solar in the Chicago and Peoria, IL areas conquer these fears. You can use solar energy without garish blue boards on your rooftop. But how does this solar power roof work? And if you’ve heard buzz about new technology like solar shingles, why not use that? We explain all below.

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Refined Black Glass Panels

The solar panels you may be familiar with seeing around town are flashy and reflective, with silver conduit piping on the roof and down the side of the house and blue silicon panels. On the other hand, our panels are black-on-black with skirts flush into the roof, resembling black glass. Conduit is installed under the roof, so there isn’t a mess of piping visible to the neighbors.

Why are our panels black and not blue? The blue silicon panels have that pigmentation because of an anti-reflective coating that improves the absorbing capacity. Black panels are made of monocrystalline, which are more efficient since black surfaces naturally absorb more light. Premium black panels are more effective and attractive and, therefore, can cost a little more. But if the appearance makes or breaks your decision to install solar panels, it’s entirely worth it. You’ll feel proud of your solar energy house!

Why Not Solar Shingles?

Solar shingles sound like a great alternative to panels. Why not discreetly use solar power hidden into the roof? The reality is, solar shingles are more of a fantasy than a practical homeowner solution. They are not as efficient at absorbing sunlight as panels, and the installation is much more complicated. Solar shingles’ installation is far more expensive, and since the technology is still being tested, there is little to no evidence of how long these shingles can last. While they may sound aesthetically pleasing, black glass panels are your best option.

Solar Installation in Peoria, IL

Ready to take your household 100% solar this year? The first step is a conversation with Summit Solar to see if your house is a good fit for solar panels. Contact us here to get started. We can’t wait to discuss the exciting world of solar energy with you!

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